(Re)new Internship

What Is (Re)new?

(RE)new is a 7-week course in which our goal is to purify and bring clarity to your understanding of the Gospel storyline. Other worldviews and our culture have distorted the way we view the Bible, the story that God is writing, and how we fit into it. We will focus much of our teaching on the beginning of the story (Creation and the Flood) and the end of the story (Jesus’ return and Restoration of Creation).

Understanding how the story began and where this is all going gives context for us to understand the Cross rightly and to understand how to live now as we approach the end. Understanding the hope of the Gospel rightly equips you to serve
the Lord wholeheartedly
the rest of your days.

Coming Soon 2023

Come be renewed!

(Re)new Internship Application

Turn in application to Keith Phillips or email to keith@sarasotahop.com.

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